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We cannot speak highly enough of Donna as she really ensured that our ‘big day’ was unforgettable and more special then what we could have imagined.

Cameron & Marie-Louise Offner

My Service

Getting to the actual day of your wedding or big event is a detailed process. There is so much information to be gathered, people to negotiate with, decisions to be made and styles to be considered. We aim to simplify this process for you by providing lots of information about holding your event on Stradbroke.

You will find detailed information about service providers, venues, how to get here, council permits, tide times, where to stay and much more. Once you have decided on a date and venue the fun begins. Adding your style and signature to your event is where I step in. Most venues offer a basic package and its then up to you and I to add the bling that makes the event your own.

Stradbroke Island Events is well resourced to style your event. Let me assure you styling an event is an involved process and requires a lot of time. Most people choose to have this done for them with time and lack of resources being the biggest issues. We have made it our business to have every little thing ready so we can whip in, style it up and let the festivities commence.

Once a client approaches me in regard to an upcoming event the process begins of choosing a style, themes, colours, room layout, table linen, chair linen, lighting choices, centre pieces, backdrops, wishing wells and so on. Because I have styled lots of events on Stradbroke and know the venues and their proprietors intimately I can recommend certain items for different locations and help you with decision- making. The client and I go through a process and finally get to a point where all choices and props for the big event have been finalised and everything is in place for a seamless event.

Of course the one thing no-one can be sure of is what the weather will do on their big day. Most people have chosen Stradbroke Island as the location for their celebrations for its natural beauty and the attraction of a laid back, relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. We have provided information to reliable and accurate websites for long-term weather forecasts as well as tide times. We can also help with wet weather contingency plans.

On the day of the festivities while you are getting your hair, makeup, nails and so on groomed to perfection, Stradbroke Island Events staff are making sure that everything is in place and ready to roll for a seamless event. We take the
worry and stress out of the event for you.

I can offer you a variety of services from organising your event with you or for you, tailoring specific packages through to simply hiring out a variety of items that you can self manage on the day. I have included a list of items that you can hire and some of our packages currently on offer below.

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Our aim is to make it all easy for you. Some items can be hired and self managed while others need to be installed by our specially trained staff. Please note that items listed in blue are NOT DIY and installation will require some assistance from us. (Note that items listed in blue attract an 80% return to a community run not for profit youth organisation called-Youthlink.

PLEASE NOTE: All prices are non inclusive of GST. GST will be added upon receiving your personalised quote.


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