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I felt comfortable to contact Donna at any time for any small issue that I felt needed attention and Donna would make sure that this was a priority.

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Stradbroke Island Events Pty Ltd is a family owned and run business.
I am Donna Shannon, Director of the business and…

This is my family. The Shannon family on Deadman's Beach 2011

My grandparents bought land at Point Lookout in the 1940’s and built a shack, where I was lucky enough to grow up. I’ve been here since I was 7 years old and except for a few short times away, I’ve called the island home for most of my life. I love traveling, meeting people, adventure and creative thinking.

My background is in the hospitality industry. Before children I managed the restaurant at the old Stradbroke Hotel, coordinating many weddings and events at that iconic venue. I also enjoyed working for four years at the Smiggins Hotel and in lots of other places, always with people and always in the service industry.

After children I became involved in a local community run not for profit group called Stradbroke Island Youthlink Association Inc. I have coordinated that group for the past 11 years, managing hundreds of events including festivals, sporting events, celebrations, workshops, cultural shows, strategic planning events and more. I have successfully secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants for our island youth to engage in activities they would not normally have access to.

Besides the buzz of watching local youth showcase new skills they’ve learned, one of my greatest joys from engaging in community voluntary work has been working with a team of brilliantly capable and energetic volunteers.

Stradbroke Island Events Pty Ltd is very much about community. We employ locals and can put you in touch with any local service provider whose services you may require. We’ve been around for a long time so we can offer you inside advice about your choices should you require it.

inset right. Here are a couple of shots from our wedding in 1993

Donna Shannon Wedding Photo
Bridal Party


Moreton Bay Tourism Awards Winner 2012